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WiSentry 4.2 Now Available!
WiSentry 4.2 is released and protecting networks from Rogue AP's and now Rogue Network Behaviors!

WiSentry 4.2 introduces Network Behavioral Analysis that not only verifies detected device signatures for greater and more granular device detection accuracy, but also detects 'Rogue Behaviors' emanating from authorized devices within your networks such as Soft AP's, Rogue DHCP services, even bandwidth-eating Rogue VOIP services. 

Further, WiSentry 4.2 introduces the capability to leverage existing PC-based 802.11 wireless network adapters as Radio Frequency (RF) sensors - providing a unified and correlated view of the enterprise wired and wireless networks while eliminating the need for expensive and difficult single-purpose RF sensor networks!

In concert with WiSentry 4.2, WiMetrics also introduces WiBlockWiBlock is a client service that eliminates the many vulnerabilities that result when a wireless PC is capable of multi-homing, or bridging.  Once deployed, WiBlock will detect when a PC is attached to an Ethernet network and disable the 802.11 network capabilities, re-enabling the wireless capabilities once the PC is unplugged.  WiBlock protects the PC as well as the Corporate Networks whether the PC is attached to the Corporate Network or operating remotely.

Learn how WiSentry software combined with your existing network infrastructure delivers UNPARALLELED COST-EFFECTIVE SECURITY - with no complex or expensive hardware required!. 

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WiSentry 4.2 Software
Now Monitoring your Entire Network: Wired AND Wireless for Wireless Access Points and Rogue Network Behaviors

  As workstations continue to be replaced with wireless-capable PC's...the likelihood of breaches and unauthorized network behaviors emanating from authorized network devices will increase.  Simply ensuring that only authorized devices are attached to the network is no longer sufficient - you must also monitor for Rogue Behaviors from authorized devices. Whether corporate policy permits the use of Wireless 802.11 technologies or not, continual protection from Wireless Intrusions, Rogue Access Points ( AP's) and Rogue Network Behaviors is a necessity.  In addition to enterprise-class Wireless AP's, low cost ‘plug-and-play’ consumer level devices have become very popular and corporate networks are increasingly vulnerable to security breaches caused by end-users adding these devices onto the corporate wired LAN.  

WiSentry 4.2 delivers a new level of Security to the Enterprise by providing real-time 24x7 software monitoring of wired/wireless networks that displays UNIFIED VIEWS of device and behavioral activities - detecting both Rogue Devices as well as Rogue Behaviors from authorized devices.

WiSentry runs on your existing wired network infrastructure, eliminating the need for any significant investment in new platforms or additional wireless hardware and installation.

WiMetrics WiSentry products:

  • Perform Network Behavioral Analysis to detect Rogue Behaviors and Rogue Devices using patent pending methods
  • Operate from existing PC's on the WIRED network - no new hardware necessary
  • Seamlessly leverage existing 802.11 NIC's as WiSentry RF sensors for additional views
  • Provide real-time unified and correlated views of wired and wireless network activity in a single console
  • Record information about intrusions for analysis and reporting
  • Are entirely software-based, allowing for easy download, cost-effective deployment, and risk free evaluation

WiSentry protects your corporate network and preserves your significant investment in security.

WiSentry delivers that missing critical visibility of Rogue Behaviors and Wireless AP's on your network in real time.

WiSentry eliminates any need for complex/expensive hardware sensor installations and management.

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